Call for Sub-Committee Officers

Dear Members and Friends,

Further to our general assembly last week, we have started the search for officers of our 5 sub-committees. If you are interested in becoming an officer for one of the committees below, please inform us by email ( stating your name and a few lines describing what you would like to achieve from being an officer.

Each officer will have a team of several assistants as well as a supervisor who is a member of the cabinet. Officers will have the ability to influence the decision making process as well as collaborate with cabinet members when major decisions need to be made.

The five sub-committees are:

  1. Event Planning: Deals with planning the major events such as the blogger’s convention, tweet-ups, parties and dinners, etc…
  2. Workshops & Exhibitions: Deals with planning the workshops, lectures, training sessions, exhibitions and education-related activities
  3. News Reporting: Responsible for finding social media related news in AUB, Beirut and the region, and updating the blog with original news articles. The team should include a bunch of staff bloggers
  4. External Collaboration: Deals with different organizations inside or outside AUB to organize or get involved in conferences such as geek fest, fikr, ASMF, etc...
  5. Publicity & Marketing: Deals with marketing events, poster design, advertisements, and finding sponsors for the events.

Also we are recruiting a team of staff bloggers to keep our blog updated with relevant news and events. If you would like to become a staff blogger, also let us know.

Note that only official members can become officers of the club. If you are not an official member yet, you can fill in the membership form and pay the fee at Ms. Hiba Hamade's office in West Hall room 112-C. (Membership restricted to registered AUB students). 

Best regards,
Mohammad Hijazi
AUBOC President