GeekFest Beirut 3.14 YO YO YO

Below is a repost from GeekFest Beirut
Alrighty, wow. Finally, the famous event GeekFest is happening again and for the third time in Beirut. The first two times, GeekFest Beirut took place in Art Lounge, first in February, unorganized by Alexandra Tohme, and the second in May, unorganized by the maniachis, and this time unorganized by few human beings.

Mainly, GeekFest’s idea came from Alexander McNabb, it started in Dubai and spread to other capitals, such as Amman, Cairo, Damascus, Beirut… It’s simply an offline gathering for online peeps who are geeky, but the cool geekiness!

What happens there? 
Well it’s mainly driven by the community and what’s happening now on the technological, online, web scene. We get around 4 to 6 speakers who talk about different topics usually.

Mark you calendars
Date: Thursday November 4
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Plum – Monot

What happens after?
It’s very much a social gathering, you get to network, meet new peeps, bond with peeps you already know or talked to online, have a drink or two while listening to great music and that is even when the talks are over, we’re there to stay, Simple as Pie yeah?
Help spread the word around in your workplace, university, facebook, twitter.. share the poster and the time & date & venue!

Just got word that Nokia will be the Technocase in GeekFest 3.14, they will be holding a stand for their N8 device, so for all mobile geeks out there, make sure you drop by and check it out if you fancy!

Topics & Speakers (list might increase):
  • Sarah Karam – GoNabit (e-commerce)
  • Cyril – Antoine Online (web development / online purchasing)
  • Samer Karam – Announcing new project to be live blogged
  • Octavia Nasr – Social Media
  • Nokia
Art & Film related stuff:
- Lynn Bizri to talk about Night Collective
- Mireille Raad to compile a cool geeky video for us
We are trying our best to get some Augmented Reality related stuff, know anyone?

Volunteer work?
We are looking for someone to take photos during the event. Also if anyone has anything they want to showcase for as short as 5 minutes, be our guests! This event is for you made by you.

And THANK YOU goes to:
Finally, a big and huge thank you for Plum for offering the venue for us, so let’s make it a good time there. And of course to Naeema Zarif for designing the poster as she always does :) And for Nokia, for their Technocase and support.