Gino's Blog: Introducing the AUB Online Collaborative

Below is a repost from Gino's Blog!

Whether we like it or not, use it as often or not, or pretend to ignore it, the effect of social media and networking has forever changed our lives and society. Today, who we know, what we do and who knows about it is on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Foursquare, Google Buzz, Flickr and YouTube. What we like and would want to recommend to other online folks is on StumbleUpon, Reddit and DiggIt. I only mentioned these because they’re the ones I personally use most.

Five years ago, meeting someone would’ve taken several real life interactions over period of time before skipping the awkward phase of not being sure about the person. Today, a few clicks later and the person’s photos, personal information and friends are at anyone’s disposal. This might seem scary to some, but remember, you decide what to show and who to share with. However, personally, and I’m sure many of you will agree with me even though you will not say it out loud, Facebook and other social networking sites have made life easier.

Some of my closest friends today are a result of a friend request button. Many of my dates are also originally Facebook friends or Twitter tweeps. Meeting friends on the internet was taboo and dangerous in the chat-room and IRC days. Any creep or pervert could’ve been posing as a gentleman or lady worth meeting. Today, even though we can never be 100% sure, the friends and network of an individual help us understand who he or she is in real life. For example, I can rest assured that one of my friends on Facebook who is also friend with 20 or more of my friends should be safe enough to talk to and maybe meet.

I’m straying from the subject, and this will probably highlight the complexity and novelty of social media and how hard it can be to properly handle and manage that many portals in an ever-demanding social and business world. From dates to college acceptances and work applications, what you share and how you share it is a fairly new and tricky terrain. It can make or break careers, products, events, political causes and so much more in an easily accessible and candid fashion…

The AUBOC seeks to group social media enthusiasts and experienced individuals in the digital media world to help promote proper digital citizenship through making the most of social media in the best ways possible. Here’s our FB page and blogger blog. Stay tuned for an awesome year online and in real life!

So, make sure you pass by during the club days at AUB. It’s this Tuesday and Wednesday =)