Join Mosaic's Photoblogger Challenge

For the original post, refer to Lorena's Epiphany.
Are you a photographer who blogs or a blogger who likes to photograph? Then this challenge is for you!
Spreadminds is looking for 27 interested participants to take part in a mini-photography contest exclusive to the Lebanese online community. Be the first to take part and have your photograph featured at the launch of Mosaic: Ashrafieh International Photography Contest on October 29, 2010.
So what’s the challenge you ask?
Each of the 27 of the participants will be given a disposable camera of 27 photos (color) to shoot with for a week and upload onto the Mosaic blog by October 27, 2010. Most photo developing studios within Beirut will develop the film and give you the photos on CD for a maximum of $10.
The photos can be taken anywhere within Ashrafieh, including the following neighborhoods: Gemmayze, Karm el-Zaitoun, Monot, Sodeco, Sioufi, Jaitaweh, Fassouh, Sursock, Mar Mikhael and Sassine.
Open subject and feel free to get creative with how you take your shots! Upload as many of the 27 photos that you like for consideration with your name and blog URL.
Photographers who take part in the challenge will still be eligible to take part in the main contest, but not with the submissions for the challenge.
First come first serve – so the first 27 photo-bloggers to sign up will receive the disposable cameras to start shooting. Email us your name, contact information and blog URL if you’d like to take part to: Loryne Atoui (

Spread the word!