Social Media Changing Lives: Event Overview

“Your Tweet can get you fired!” …”It is Youtube’s Fault”..
These were two of the teasers of the Social Media Changing lives Conference that stirred AUB campus .
Around 400 people came to attend this  annual event hosted by AUB’s Online Collaborative club, in Issam Fares Hall on  Friday December 16 from 12:00 pm till 9:00 pm.

HMA Tom Fletcher during his keynote speech

Morning of Friday, December 16th kicked off with the members of the Online Collaborative rushing early to the Hall to make some last minute preparations.

At the reception, our supporting partners, Arabnet and DSM helped the registered members to their badges and signed up everyone else that came
The conference started with the Lebanese Anthem followed by the Alma Mater, and then Mohammad Hijazi, President of the Online Collaborative, took the stage for a welcoming note. Hijazi welcomed the crowd and demonstrated aspects of how social media has been changing lives in the past few years. The conference, which is the second annual to “Blogging Lebanon” which took place last December, was proof of the OC’s ongoing success.

Hijazi then introduced the key speaker, Her Majesty’s Ambassador Tom Fletcher, the British Ambassador to Lebanon. His Excellency addressed the topic of how social media can make a change in diplomacy. During his speech, His Excellency stressed, among other points, on his belief that social media is inevitable for proper engagement with the public, while keeping in mind the purpose behind that online presence. Diplomats are bound to be on twitter in the coming few years, yet their presence is required as a source of action, and not just reportage. Diplomacy involves both interpreting and shaping the world and therefore, he aims at becoming a twiplomat as twitter is the right platform for such activity.

The next speaker was Naeema Zarif, an Online Strategist and Integrated Media Consultant, who talked about Open source and free culture and how online content can be better shared using Creative Commons. Zarif presented to the audience the experience she has attained by traveling to different areas of the Middle East and North Africa in search of effective open source online outlets. What she has come back with is a set of case studies and an outline of the status of social media in the region.

The first Panel of the conference was entitled Social Media in Businesses, and moderated by Mrs. Leila Khauli Hanna, marketing instructor at the American University of Beirut. The panelists were Reham Darwish, Assistant Community Manager at Seeqnce SAL, Rami Majzoub , International Executive Vice President of Junior Chamber International (JCI), Roy Nammour, Senior Account Manager & Digital Strategist at Spidermonkey and Afif Tabsh, Co-founder and President of Aie Serve. The panel discussed how social media is used effectively in promoting businesses and the possible drawbacks that using such platforms may cause.

Then, Social Media and Entrepreneurship was discussed by Mr. Omar Christidis, Founder and CEO of Arabnet. Omar Christidis has been leading Arabnet through a series of events and conferences relating to social media, the aim of which is to group arab digital professionals and entrepreneurs to connect and learn. Christidis emphasized the importance of using social media in order to connect startups and entrepreneurs with funds, and the role of Arabnet in promoting the successful development of business plans in the MENA region.

Moving on to the domain of food and beverage business, Mr. Ziad Kamel, Founder and CEO of The Alleyway Group demonstrated how the Group uses Twitter and Facebook to communicate with its customers. He recommended that CEO’s should be in charge with the social media tools that his company is using, because that gives direct insights.

Also from the food business, but tackling the use of social media for customer service, were Hadi Chehlaoui, Online Media Strategist and Darine Sabbagh, Digital Media Consultant at Roadsters Diner and Deek Duke. Hadi and Darine demonstrated how they use social media in taking orders online and addressing customers’ needs. They gave special attention to the way they handle complaints in a delicate business such as theirs.

Then Leila Khauli Hanna, the club advisor and professor of marketing in AUB, presented about how learning can be enhanced using social media. Hanna uses social media in her marketing classes through live tweeting her class and assigning hash tags to it. She also involves other forms of social media in order to make the interaction more personal and more interactive with the students, which gives them hands on experience with social media and a more personalized approach to learning. In her opinion, it is of utmost importance to give students this experience in class in order to properly expose them and help them lead their way through this domain.

Mind the Non-Local, was the presentation by Dr. Mahmoud Natout. Natout, who is a physcology professor at the Lebanese American University of Beirut and a TEDx Beirut speaker, talked about how science  and knowledge are not just confined in one place or one person but rather they became the result of a sharing process around the world.

At 3:00pm, delicious lunch was served by Crepaway. The attendees filled their plates time and again with tasty sandwiches and sweet desserts, tweeps socialized and speakers and registrants exchanged conversations with each other and with our media partners Annahar, L’Orient Le Jour, le Commerce du Levant, Shabab Assafir and Naharnet. Radio One, the official radio station of the event, was also there during the event.

After having a good lunch, the conference recommenced with and air of culture. The first speaker was Yorgui Teyrouz, Founder and Action President of Donner Sang Compter. Teyrouz began by explain to the audience the story behind the founding of Donner Sang Compter, and the turning points in the lifetime of the organization on faceBook and twitter. He also shared the possible setbacks in using social media for emergencies, pointing to the fact that the best use of those platforms is for awareness and marketing.

Online Collaborative’s own Loulwa Kalache, moderated the second panel by the title: Social Media & NGO’s in Lebanon. Panelists included  Farah Abdel Sater, Executive Director at The United Nations Youth Association of Lebanon; Loryne Atoui, Founder of One Wig Stand; Nadine Moawad, Feminist Activist and Founder of Nassawiya and Khalil Pfaff, Social Worker at Dar El Awlad. Loulwa posed to the panelists questions about how and why they have used social media to promote their NGO’s. Interesting questions such as negative feedback and controversial issues were also tackled in addition to the importance of having a cause as a drive for using social media.

Riham Kowatly and Mohammad Tabbara, respectively manager and director of “Be7ke?” hosted an interactive presentation where controversial issues were tackled. The “Be7ke?” team demonstrated how they started a web series in Ramadan, where in each episode people were asked about whether they were well represented, if represented at all, in the media. The team focused on the issue of misrepresentation of individuals on the media and the false portrayal of the whole society because of that. The team also shared the positive feedback they received and the change they have caused in the eyes of those living abroad, since they had no authentic insight into the Lebanese youth status before.

After that, Mr. Maan Barazy held a presentation entitiled The New Media: A Thin Line Between Bubbling & Blogging. Mr.Maan Barazy has a double major in Economics and Philosophy and currently working towards a PhD in Islamic Finance. He consulted for international organizations on different macro scenarios for Lebanon's emergency plan. He is presiding Data and Investment Consult, a Beirut based consultancy firm. He has lobbied intensively for the advent of the knowledge society; corporate governance  and eEconomy in Lebanon. He is the editor of;; and He also is the publisher of Capital Issues a weekly economic journal.

Then, marketing director at L’Orient Le Jour Mr. Kamal Chelhot discussed the experience of L’Orient Le Jour with social media and the way people deal with content published online. He tackled the current trend where social media is taking over traditional media and online articles are being more circulated. In this matter he stressed on the importance of having enough sources and credibility when reporting events online. In his opinion, the only difference between reporters and bloggers who report events is the sources of information they use and their history and experience, but there is nothing that can stop bloggers from becoming equally powerful.

Malek Teffah, OC’s PR, started off with, “Yes, literally, my name translates into owner of Apples” which gave the audience a much needed laugh after five hours of pure social media related content. He gave a skit of how people ‘vomit’ on twitter by tweeting their constant steps or by abusing the JustSaying hashtag. The final part was about the infamous  ‘duck face’ pictures that girls post on Facebook and last but not least the instant Like. His humor was refreshing and re-energized the audience for the next sessions to come.

The last section of the conference started with, Esraa Haidar, founder and manager of E-Marketing, who came not to talk about her business but rather on why she started her business and her personal blog. In her presentation titles, A Hijabi with a voice, Haidar  talked about the discrimination that she faced as veiled women in her respective field and why she started her blog as a platform of expression and a means to connect to other veiled and non veiled women alike.
In another similiar presention, Aliaa El-Zeiny, a blogger and political science major in  AUB, gave talked about her blog in a presntion titled Arab women and Human rights. Dhe talked about misconceptions of Arab women being marginalized, discriminated against and oppressed in the Arab world and how she used her to fight these stereotypes. Furthermore, El-Zeiny explained, that she used blogging as a platform of self-expression.

The third panel of the day; Social media influencing political decision making, was moderated by Doa’a Abdel-Rahman, a political science major and blogger. Panelist included, Shakib Al-Jabri, a syria activist and blogger; Assad Thebian, a Lebanese polticial activist and blogger; Marinna Chamma, Lebanse writer and blogger; Nadine Moawad, Lebanese Feminsit activist and founder of Nasswiya. The panel discussed the influence of social media on the Arab spring, censorship in media and lastly the dangers of blogging under one’s real name.

Allan Chaaraoui of Lazzy Lungs, a Lebansel indie band, gave a presentation of how their band uses social media to promote their music and events and connecting to their fans through platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace. Chaaraoui, even showed two of their video that went viral.
Food Science  and Nutrition master candindates in AUB and bloggers  Cynthia Bu Jawde, Loulwa Kalache, and Particia Moghames, gave a presentation of blogging about food. They began by mentioning the importance of food in everyone’s life, even in the bloggersphere as many bloggers name their blog after food they like. They gave examples of types of food they blog; ranging from desserts to Lebanese food. They also tackled how prominant twitter accounts and facebook pages such as ObamaFoodorama, Jamie Oliver, and Marion Nestle use social media in promoting food advocacy campaigns and healthy eating.The three girls also talked about their blogs that help promote food and nutrition awareness  among the Lebanese and international community,

Ghassan Nasssar, a marine biology research assistant at AUB, gave a presention of the presence of animals related on the web. He further explains how people use the Internet for animal trade business and the fun aspect of it  being animals who have Facebook pages and Twitter handles.

Kamal Merhbi, found of "Earth Tipping Point" , a new social network that Merhbi describes as, catalyzing evolutionary change. Merbi describes it as a database  anti-corruption, anti-pollution

The last panel titled Social media for personal use was moderated by Ayman Itani, CEO of Think media labs, with panelist;  Alaa Chehayeb, Journalist, Interior Architect and Graphic Design Student at the Lebanese University;  Aline Chirnian, Fashion Blogger and Business Administration Student at the AUB;  Rabih El Khodr, Patriotic and Spiritual Soul-searching Blogger;  Lana El Sahely, Fashion Blogger and Economics Student AUB; and Giovanni Raidy, Blogger and Biology Student at the AUB. The panel discussed their blogs respectively, the reasons behind starting it and obstacles they face managing it.

The last speak, Mher Krikorian a photoblogger and an online community manager, gave a presentation of photoblogging.. He presented a couple of pictures he took in Lebanon and Armenia of people who had a story to tell. He gave two example, of an orphan in Armernia and a carpet weaver in Lebanon who through his pictures have attracted the attention of others who were interested in learning more about them. H encourages others to use photoblogging as a means of expression especially if they were not good at writing like himself.

The closing three sessions, where Lebanese bands; Allan Charraoui of Lazzy Lungs, an indie Lebanese band; EpiSode Band, a symphonic progressive music Lebanse band; Anthony Touma, a pop/funk artist, performer, singer and writer; and Poly, a soul/pop singer and writer. They all talked about how social media helped them spread their music as whole through MySpace and YoutTube, organizing and sharing their events through Facebook and keep in touch with their fans through Twitter. They all gave wonderful performances that was much needed after a long but insightful and productive day.

The closing note, given by Mohammad Hijazi, gathered all the members of the Online Collaborative club who have worked hard to create the conference. Thanks was given to Professor Leila Khauli Hanna, advisor to the club; Youmna Nahas, whom without, the even would have been impossible; Loulwa Kalach, Treasure of OC, who has put long hours into the event; Raghd Hamzeh for his work with sponsors, Malek Teffaha, Weam Al-Awar, Jim Khoury and all other members who participated on the day of the event.

The Online Collaborators

AUB's Online Collaborative Announces Committee Officers

by Weam Alawar

After its first General Assembly, the AUBOC called for member applicants for officer positions to the club committees: Event Planning, Workshops, News Reporting, Funding and Sponsorship, Public Relations and Community Services. After cabinet members set up a set of guidelines for choosing the suitable people, interview sessions were scheduled on Wednesday October 19th. Candidates were informed to either attend the interviews or provide documents that convince the cabinet of their willingness to and competence in handling their positions, and the results of the votes of the cabinet determined this year’s AUBOC Officers:

Event Planning: Doaa Balfakih
Doaa Balfakih comes from Yemen all the way to Beirut in search of knowledge, education and experience. Being a business student in her senior year, she will unleash herself to the world at the end of this year hoping she’ll be able to make a difference. Her goal in life is the immortality of name through good deeds.
She believes that life is like a roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs; those who are happy are the ones who make the most of all the downs.
Entrepreneurs are the leaders who people should follow because they are the ones who see the light of darkness.
Twitter: @doaabal

Workshops: Dima Hajj
A senior marketing student at the American University of Beirut, completing her BA as well as a Media Communications Diploma, Dima has a passion for advertising and a keen interest in technology and social media. She enjoys occasionally playing football and basketball as well as parkour.
She spends her free time catching up on advertising blogs and tech news, along with volunteering at the Red Cross.
Twitter: @DimaHajj

News Reporting: Doa’a Abdel-Rahman
Doa’a Abdel-Rahman is a Sudanese senior political science undergrad pursuing a minor and diploma in media and communication. An amateur in many trades, Human Rights advocate, writer, traveller, salsa dancer, twitter fanatic and a social media believer. She hopes to combine the best of her worlds and pursue a career in the media relations.
Twitter: @d3akar

Funding and Sponsorship: Omar Aridi
Omar Aridi is an ambitious and hardworking person who describes himself as a dreamer yet realistic. Sports and music are his passion alongside his major (Civil and Environmental Engineering). Omar loves to socialize with people and communicate with new cultures, believing that it is a very efficient way to nourish one’s personality. He likes to be identified as an engineer/athlete. He’s pretty good at organizing and teamwork; however he loves leading projects as well. He's confident and creative, and always keeps himself busy. Sports taught him perseverance, so he believes nothing is impossible until one stops trying and he’s not a quitter.
Twitter: @Omar_Aridi

Public Relations: Hadi Inja
Hadi Inja is a senior business major at AUB with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. He refers to himself as a tech geek, and has a passion for animals. He currently has a parrot companion named Leonidas, his cat Biskit, and his Kestrel falcon called Ariana, but his past pets have included tarantulas, snakes, crocodiles, rats, and many more. Hadi enjoys public speaking and is in love with astronomy. He’s the type of guy that stares up at the night sky while walking home alone. As a tech geek, he is always in tune with technology news and the latest innovations. He loves Japanese as well, and taught himself to the point of a basic speaker. He is very involved and active in clubs at AUB, and is a big proponent of social media. He is the President of the Business Student Society, Vice President of the International Affairs Club, and the Public Relations Officer of the AUB Online Collaborative.
Twitter: @hadiinja

Community Services: Aline Chirinian
Stumbled upon the wonderful world of Social Media a couple of years ago and has been an addict ever since. Aline runs one of Lebanon's first personal fashion blogs, Nouchaline, along with being a regular contributor to the blog. She is currently studying Business Administration - with an emphasis in Marketing, and a diploma in Media Communication- at AUB where she's the president of the UNESCO Club and an AUBOC officer of Community Services. 
Twitter: @nouchaline

AUB 's Online Collaborative Participates in TAKREEM Social Media Contest

by Loulwa Kalache

Contest participants with the Organizers of
TAKREEM and CEO of TAKREEM Mr. Ricardo Karam
(Photo courtesy of Takreem Initiative)
The TAKREEM Awards program honors each year achievers in different categories for their outstanding stories and contributions in their communities. Thus, TAKREEM aims to find those high-fliers, celebrate their breakthroughs and depict the Arab world advancement and unison. Accordingly, the organizers of TAKREEM held the TAKREEM Social Media Contest event to group remarkable social media users in order to nominate exceptional Arab visionaries, whether individuals or organizations.

The event was held in the American University of Beirut on October 15, 2011, attended by around 20 social media users, covered by the Lebanese press, and sponsored by Nokia Lebanon, and Crepaway.

The organizers, Romy Chahine, Dana Nasrallah, and Assaad Thebian, presented an overview on the TAKREEM initiative, mission and the requirements of this event. First, the attendees had to nominate one person or NGO then use ONE social media tool such as but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, PREZI, Slideshare, Klout, Wikipedia, Google Plus, in order to convince the judges (Ayman Itani, Liliane Assaf, and Loryne Atoui) and later the online community about the candidate by either scheduling tweets, creating a fan page, making a video, etc..

The presentations were videotaped and will be soon published by TAKREEM on their facebook page, for online voting. Check AUBOC's participation and stay tuned to watch the video when the voting begins! 

AUBOC 's Participation in TAKREEM's Event
(Photo courtesy of Takreem Initiative)

Summary of First General Assembly

by Omar Aridi

On Wednesday, October 12th 2011, the Online Collabrative Team of the American University of Beirut (AUBOC) held their first general assembly for this semester. The welcoming note by Mrs.. Khauli, AUBOC's advisor who has been following up on the team's events since last year, set up the vibes in the members. Mrs. Khauli expressed her happiness in being part of the "Collaborative Team" as she stressed the importance of social media in our lives.

Members were introduced to the AUBOC cabinet: Mohammad Hijazi (President), Weam Al-Awar (Vice President), Jim Ramsey Khoury  (Member at Large), Raghd Hamzeh (Secretary), Loulwa Kalache (Treasurer), Malek Teffaha (Public Relations), and Dr. Leila Khauli Hanna (Advisor).The presentation started with a simple introduction about AUBOC's mission and objectives, as well as the different activities held from blogging, feasts and tweet-ups throughout the year, to workshops and conferences on a national and international scale.

Due to the large number of participants, members were divided into sub-committees each supervised by a cabinet member. Committees are divided as follows: Event Planning Committee led by Mohammad Hijazi, Workshop Committee led by Jim Ramsey Khoury, News Reporting Committee  by Weam Al-Awar, Funding and Sponsorships Committee by Raghd Hamzeh, Public Relations Committee by Malek Teffaha, and last but not least Community Service Committee supervised by Loulwa Kalache.

The assembly emphasized the importance of social media throughout the whole meeting, where members discussed their ideas and opinions, as some shared their real life experiences with social media. In the end, members were introduced to future plans of this semester, one of which is the AUBOC annual conference on "Social Media Changing Lives" in mid December.


Online Collaborative at Clubs’ Days

by Weam Al Awar
The first anniversary of AUB’s Online Collaborative arrived quicker than expected. Last year was a very busy year with a lot of events and workshops on schedule. The team’s hard work and continuous plans have paid of this year at Clubs’ Days.
Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th of October were Clubs’ Days at AUB. It is during those days that the clubs measure their success and popularity among the AUB community; so the team planned for the day by preparing a stand that contained a facebook wall available for new members to literally write on, and like posts of others on. Also, to gather the AUB tweeps (twitter users), which is an aim of the OC, a “twitter tree” was made and hung on the stand, where tweeps can write their handles on twitter birds and hang them on the tree.
The Online Collaborative members from last year were all dressed in the brand new OC shirts and registering the new members as they queued to sign up.
At the end of the event, you’d find the facebook wall with posts like: “Online Collaborative Rocks!!” or “I just joined” with likes beneath them, and the twitter tree full of blue birds carrying the handles of the new members.
Clubs’ Day expanded the OC family to more than an astonishing 60 members. It was proof of the Online Collaborative’s success and popularity among the AUB community, and a challenge for the group to increase the quality and quantity of its events to effectively meet with the huge potential of the new enthusiastic members.

Check out the rest of the photos from Clubs' Days at AUB here.

First General Assembly 2011-2012

Online Collaborative at AUB will be hosting its first general assembly for this year on Wednesday October 12, 2011 at 5:30 PM in West Hall Auditorium C (Third floor).

During the meeting:

  1. Members will get to meet each other. 
  2. Members will get introduced to the AUBOC cabinet, adviser and mission/objectives. 
  3. Discussions will be held about our events and workshops for this year (so bring your creative ideas and suggestions). 
  4. Elections will be held for sub-committee officers
    • Conferences sub-committee
    • Workshops sub-committee
    • News Reporting sub-committee
    • Sponsorship and Fundraising sub-committee
    • Community Service sub-committee
    • Public Relations sub-committee
Registered members are required to attend the first meeting.

P.S. Bring your AUB friends even if they are not registered yet. They may fill a membership form during the meeting.

 On behalf of the whole team, I look forward to seeing you there.
— Mohammad Hijazi, President

Join the Online Collaborative Experience

Pass by and check out our stand during AUB Club's Days on Tuesday and Wednesday October 4 and 5 between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Sign up as a member for very exciting, fun and enriching experience this year.

If you would like more information about Online Collaborative you can check our "About us" tab on this blog or our facebook event page.

Bring all your facebook and twitter obsessed friends and meet us for a social experience you won't regret!

Photo from last year's clubs' day at AUB

New Adviser for Online Collaborative

It is with unfortunate displeasure that we have to announce that our first adviser Mrs. Dania Dbaibo Darwish is no longer going to be teaching at AUB this upcoming year, so according to AUB bylaws, she cannot serve as a club adviser anymore. The Online Collaborative team will surely miss her greatly for all the inspiration and feedback that she has offered us last year during our pilot projects. Without her, many things would have not been possible and for that we are very grateful. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors and career paths.

We would also like to introduce our new adviser for the upcoming year, Mrs. Leila Khauli Hanna. Mrs. Hanna is an instructor of Marketing at the Olayan School of Business at AUB and she has shown great interest in Online Collaborative during the past year. Moreover, she will be giving a business social media course during the fall semester. We would like to welcome Mrs. Leila aboard the team and we look forward to a great year full of successful events and learning experiences.

Twitter links: Mrs. Dania Dbaibo Darwish @DDDania, Mrs. Leila Khauli Hanna @leilakhauli and Online Collaborative @AUB_OC

The GSA Experience

GSA Logo
In a blog post (Arabic only) on Monday 20th of June 2011, Google announced the accepted students for it’s 2011-2012 Google Student Ambassador Program for MENA. Out of the 866 applicants, Google accepted 73 students from 33 universities. The accepted students representing AUB are: Imad Sawma, Mazen Baeini, and (Me!!).

The training took place in the German University of Cairo in Egypt from July 24 – 28 (last week). In the training, we were trained on Google technologies and services, with a focus on products and offerings that will prove beneficial to university students and professors..

Moving on to the cool stuff.. Last week was amazing!! Imagine being contacted by ____ (insert dream company here). That was what it was like for me.. I’ve been an advocate for Google’s products since I started using them, and I will continue to advocate Google’s products, not just because I’m Google’s Ambassador, but because I really do believe in their potential..
Google SWAG

Anyway.. Last week.. We checked in to the prestigious
Holiday Inn
.. There we made some great friends from the ambassadors from around the Arab world, we had fun by the pool, or we went out to the nearby Mall.. (I also enjoyed the fast Internet connection!).

The training themselves were in the GUC, and it as there that we spent most of our “Googly” time. We learned more about Google’s products and services. We also met some Googlers, got some Google SWAG (see image on the right), made some more friends, had some great activities, and generally had the one of the most exciting experiences in our lives (if you know how obsessed with Google I am, you would know what I was talking about).

In the evenings we had outings. We went to “Kahwit Najeeb Mahfouz” and the Bazaar in Khan el Khalilii”. We went on an amazing cruise on the Nile, were we sang some songs, played some games, and got to know one another better (We also found out that no one know what a “Shakhtoora1” is!!). We also had our graduation ceremony somewhere in “Old Cairo”.. The last day Imad and I, as well as some of our GSA friends managed to visit the Pyramids (see image on the right) before our plane left..

We’re planning some events this year, which we will update you about when they are ready.. For now, if you need anything Google-related, please don’t hesitate to contact the three Ambassadors.

1a small boat

Farewell Tweetup for British Ambassador Frances Guy

Her Excellency, Ambassador Frances Guy, giving an improvised
speech during the ev

On Tuesday 26th of July 2011, the British Embassy, in collaboration with Online Collaborative, hosted a tweetup dinner to bid farewell to the current British Ambassador to Lebanon, her Excellency Frances Guy. Guy has been ambassador to Lebanon since October 2006 and maintains her own blog about her work as ambassador in Lebanon. She has been greatly interested in the Lebanese online community and has participated in the Blogging Lebanon conference last December and spoke about the challenges of diplomatic blogging.

The event was generously sponsored by Couqley, a French bistro located down “The Alleyway” in Beirut's trendy Gemmayze district. Couqley offers traditional bistro meals prepared by Executive Chef and Co-Owner Alexis Couquelet. 

The event was attended by around 50 invited tweeps from different backgrounds and represented different organizations for the Lebanese online community. During the event, the ambassador mingled with the tweeps in an attempt to break down barriers between political figures and the general public.

Needless to say, the event was a great success with great people, delicious food, mouth-watering drinks and a friendly atmosphere.

You can check the photos of the event on our facebook page, as well as read an interview with Online Collaborative's president Mohammad Hijazi on the Daily Star and Ambassador Guy's post about the event.

Online Collaborative team with Ambassador Guy
(L-R) Aline Chirinian, Loulwa Kalash, Sherif Maktabi, Mohammad Hijazi, Frances Guy, Jim Ramsey Khoury,
Weam Al Awar, Ragheed Naimi 

Tweeps with Co-owner and Managing Partner of Couqley Ziad Kamel (Blue Shirt)

Dinner Time

TEDxBeirut Salon v2.0

TEDxBeirut, in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Initiative at the Olayan School of Business, invite you to the
TEDxBeirut Salon
Join us for the screening of TED talks. Share your comments and ideas!
Maamari Auditorium, Olayan School of Business
Thursday, June 30, 2011
7:00 - 8:30pm
For more information about TED visit
 To register: check the facebook event

Announcing the new AUBOC cabinet

Due to the end of the 2010-2011 term at AUB, a new cabinet has been formed for AUB's Online Collaborative effective June 14. The new cabinet members are as follows:

President: Mohammad Hijazi
Acting President: Loulwa Kalache (from the period of mid-August 2011 till early January 2012)
Vice President: Weam Al Awar
Treasurer: Abdul Hafiz Salam
Secretary: Raghd Hamzeh
Public Relations: Malek Teffaha
Member at Large: Jim Ramsey Khoury

Social Media 101 Tweetup

Check out the photos of the AUBOC tweetup celebrating the end of the Social Media 101 workshop at Roadster Diner Hamra.

Open discussion with Minister Charbel Nahhas on “Lebanon Telecom Sector"

Dear AUB Online Collaborative Members,

Youth Shadow Government
cordially invites you and all AUB Online Collaborative members to an open discussion with

special guest
Minister Charbel Nahhas

Lebanon Telecom: Challenges and Progress

Date: Wednesday May 18 2011
Time: 6 pm
Place: Issam Fares Hall, American University of Beirut.

Branding and Measurement of Social Media

Due to popular demand, the below lecture has been postponed to Tuesday May 3rd.

AUB's Online Collaborative
(part of Social Media 101 workshop) 

would like to invite you to a lecture by
Darine Sabbagh 

Social Media Marketing:
Branding and Measurement of Social Media

It is recommended that business students and especially marketing students attend this lecture because it will introduce social media applied to business and discuss some relevant and recent case studies. Interested non-business students are also welcome to attend. Places are limited so be sure to come early to secure a seat. For more information, please contact:

Date: Tuesday May 3rd 2011
Time: 6.30 PM - 9.00 PM
Location: OSB 334

See you there!

AUB Tweetup next Wednesday!

Online Collaborative and Nokia invite you to attend an AUB tweet-up on Wednesday April 13th 2011 in Caffe Pascucci, Hamra (next to Buttermint). During the tweetup you will get to meet AUB tweeps as well as get introduced to a Nokia-sponsored competition about creating mobile applications.

The revised Social Media 101 Schedule

15 Mar
Introduction to Social Media
Ethics and Etiquette
OSB 211
29 Mar
OSB 211
5 Apr
Introduction to Blogging
OSB 211
12 Apr
Programming for Social Media
Design for Social Media
OSB 211
19 Apr
Marketing & Branding
Measurement of Social Media
26 Apr
Social Activism
Privacy & Security
3 May
Social Media Applications
Promoting Personal Talents
Creative Commons
10 May
Cloud Applications
OSB 211
17 May
OSB 211

Social Media Workshop Postponed

We would like to inform you that while preparing for the workshop, we have come against some technical difficulties and we were told today by the Students Affairs office at AUB to postpone beginning the workshop in order to fix the problems that we are encountering. We will keep you updated as soon as possible. Keep checking back for latest updates.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Social Media 101 Workshop Registration for AUB Students, Faculty and Staff

Social Media 101 is a workshop organized by Online Collaborative at AUB to help students learn the basic concepts and technical skills of social media.

Workshop details:
  • The workshop will take place during the period of nine weeks (on Tuesday) starting March 15 to May 10 between 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
  • The workshop will be given in a computer lab (OSB 211) and will include lectures, direct applications, videos, discussions and testimonials.
  • At the end of the workshop, an online final exam and/or project will be administered and certificates will be distributed to participants.
  • In order to obtain a certificate, participants must not miss more than one session (unless otherwise conflicting with exams)
  • Course fees: $50 or LL75,000. (Fees are just enough to cover costs of the workshop. AUBOC is not aiming to gain profit from the workshop. All guest speakers will be volunteers as well.)
  • Because there are limited places, applications will be processed using a first-come-first-serve basis. Therefore we advise you to register as early as possible.
  • Payment will be done during the first workshop session. Participants who do not show up to the first session (and fail to inform us about wanting to stay in the workshop) will be automatically be cancelled and replaced with a participant from the waiting list.
  • Workshop prerequisites:
    • Having an active AUBnet account (must be a registered AUB student or faculty member).
    • basic computer knowledge and understanding of the internet.
    • good spoken and written English (workshop will be given primarily in English)
Tentative Topic Schedule:
115-MarIntroductionOSB 211TBA
Social Media Etiquette & Ethics
222-MarIntroduction to BloggingOSB 211TBA
329-MarWeb Technologies (basic HTML & Java for social media use) OSB 211TBA
Cloud Services (Online Applications such as google services)
45-AprTwitterOSB 211TBA
512-AprMarketing & BrandingOSB 211TBA
Measurement of Social Media
619-AprSocial Activism (Current Issues)OSB 211TBA
Live Journalism
726-AprSocial Media ApplicationsOSB 211TBA
Promoting Personal Talents
Creative Commons
83-MayYoutubeOSB 211TBA
910-MayFinal ExaminationOSB 211TBA
Certificate Ceremony Tweet-upTBA

Registration for the Social Media 101 workshop has closed since we no longer have capacity in the workshop or the waiting list. Therefore, we regret that you will not be able to participate with us this time.

However, we will be holding several related events and workshops soon, so if you would like to be informed about them,  kindly fill in our mailing list form on this link: