The GSA Experience

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In a blog post (Arabic only) on Monday 20th of June 2011, Google announced the accepted students for it’s 2011-2012 Google Student Ambassador Program for MENA. Out of the 866 applicants, Google accepted 73 students from 33 universities. The accepted students representing AUB are: Imad Sawma, Mazen Baeini, and (Me!!).

The training took place in the German University of Cairo in Egypt from July 24 – 28 (last week). In the training, we were trained on Google technologies and services, with a focus on products and offerings that will prove beneficial to university students and professors..

Moving on to the cool stuff.. Last week was amazing!! Imagine being contacted by ____ (insert dream company here). That was what it was like for me.. I’ve been an advocate for Google’s products since I started using them, and I will continue to advocate Google’s products, not just because I’m Google’s Ambassador, but because I really do believe in their potential..
Google SWAG

Anyway.. Last week.. We checked in to the prestigious
Holiday Inn
.. There we made some great friends from the ambassadors from around the Arab world, we had fun by the pool, or we went out to the nearby Mall.. (I also enjoyed the fast Internet connection!).

The training themselves were in the GUC, and it as there that we spent most of our “Googly” time. We learned more about Google’s products and services. We also met some Googlers, got some Google SWAG (see image on the right), made some more friends, had some great activities, and generally had the one of the most exciting experiences in our lives (if you know how obsessed with Google I am, you would know what I was talking about).

In the evenings we had outings. We went to “Kahwit Najeeb Mahfouz” and the Bazaar in Khan el Khalilii”. We went on an amazing cruise on the Nile, were we sang some songs, played some games, and got to know one another better (We also found out that no one know what a “Shakhtoora1” is!!). We also had our graduation ceremony somewhere in “Old Cairo”.. The last day Imad and I, as well as some of our GSA friends managed to visit the Pyramids (see image on the right) before our plane left..

We’re planning some events this year, which we will update you about when they are ready.. For now, if you need anything Google-related, please don’t hesitate to contact the three Ambassadors.

1a small boat