AUB 's Online Collaborative Participates in TAKREEM Social Media Contest

by Loulwa Kalache

Contest participants with the Organizers of
TAKREEM and CEO of TAKREEM Mr. Ricardo Karam
(Photo courtesy of Takreem Initiative)
The TAKREEM Awards program honors each year achievers in different categories for their outstanding stories and contributions in their communities. Thus, TAKREEM aims to find those high-fliers, celebrate their breakthroughs and depict the Arab world advancement and unison. Accordingly, the organizers of TAKREEM held the TAKREEM Social Media Contest event to group remarkable social media users in order to nominate exceptional Arab visionaries, whether individuals or organizations.

The event was held in the American University of Beirut on October 15, 2011, attended by around 20 social media users, covered by the Lebanese press, and sponsored by Nokia Lebanon, and Crepaway.

The organizers, Romy Chahine, Dana Nasrallah, and Assaad Thebian, presented an overview on the TAKREEM initiative, mission and the requirements of this event. First, the attendees had to nominate one person or NGO then use ONE social media tool such as but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, PREZI, Slideshare, Klout, Wikipedia, Google Plus, in order to convince the judges (Ayman Itani, Liliane Assaf, and Loryne Atoui) and later the online community about the candidate by either scheduling tweets, creating a fan page, making a video, etc..

The presentations were videotaped and will be soon published by TAKREEM on their facebook page, for online voting. Check AUBOC's participation and stay tuned to watch the video when the voting begins! 

AUBOC 's Participation in TAKREEM's Event
(Photo courtesy of Takreem Initiative)

Summary of First General Assembly

by Omar Aridi

On Wednesday, October 12th 2011, the Online Collabrative Team of the American University of Beirut (AUBOC) held their first general assembly for this semester. The welcoming note by Mrs.. Khauli, AUBOC's advisor who has been following up on the team's events since last year, set up the vibes in the members. Mrs. Khauli expressed her happiness in being part of the "Collaborative Team" as she stressed the importance of social media in our lives.

Members were introduced to the AUBOC cabinet: Mohammad Hijazi (President), Weam Al-Awar (Vice President), Jim Ramsey Khoury  (Member at Large), Raghd Hamzeh (Secretary), Loulwa Kalache (Treasurer), Malek Teffaha (Public Relations), and Dr. Leila Khauli Hanna (Advisor).The presentation started with a simple introduction about AUBOC's mission and objectives, as well as the different activities held from blogging, feasts and tweet-ups throughout the year, to workshops and conferences on a national and international scale.

Due to the large number of participants, members were divided into sub-committees each supervised by a cabinet member. Committees are divided as follows: Event Planning Committee led by Mohammad Hijazi, Workshop Committee led by Jim Ramsey Khoury, News Reporting Committee  by Weam Al-Awar, Funding and Sponsorships Committee by Raghd Hamzeh, Public Relations Committee by Malek Teffaha, and last but not least Community Service Committee supervised by Loulwa Kalache.

The assembly emphasized the importance of social media throughout the whole meeting, where members discussed their ideas and opinions, as some shared their real life experiences with social media. In the end, members were introduced to future plans of this semester, one of which is the AUBOC annual conference on "Social Media Changing Lives" in mid December.


Online Collaborative at Clubs’ Days

by Weam Al Awar
The first anniversary of AUB’s Online Collaborative arrived quicker than expected. Last year was a very busy year with a lot of events and workshops on schedule. The team’s hard work and continuous plans have paid of this year at Clubs’ Days.
Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th of October were Clubs’ Days at AUB. It is during those days that the clubs measure their success and popularity among the AUB community; so the team planned for the day by preparing a stand that contained a facebook wall available for new members to literally write on, and like posts of others on. Also, to gather the AUB tweeps (twitter users), which is an aim of the OC, a “twitter tree” was made and hung on the stand, where tweeps can write their handles on twitter birds and hang them on the tree.
The Online Collaborative members from last year were all dressed in the brand new OC shirts and registering the new members as they queued to sign up.
At the end of the event, you’d find the facebook wall with posts like: “Online Collaborative Rocks!!” or “I just joined” with likes beneath them, and the twitter tree full of blue birds carrying the handles of the new members.
Clubs’ Day expanded the OC family to more than an astonishing 60 members. It was proof of the Online Collaborative’s success and popularity among the AUB community, and a challenge for the group to increase the quality and quantity of its events to effectively meet with the huge potential of the new enthusiastic members.

Check out the rest of the photos from Clubs' Days at AUB here.

First General Assembly 2011-2012

Online Collaborative at AUB will be hosting its first general assembly for this year on Wednesday October 12, 2011 at 5:30 PM in West Hall Auditorium C (Third floor).

During the meeting:

  1. Members will get to meet each other. 
  2. Members will get introduced to the AUBOC cabinet, adviser and mission/objectives. 
  3. Discussions will be held about our events and workshops for this year (so bring your creative ideas and suggestions). 
  4. Elections will be held for sub-committee officers
    • Conferences sub-committee
    • Workshops sub-committee
    • News Reporting sub-committee
    • Sponsorship and Fundraising sub-committee
    • Community Service sub-committee
    • Public Relations sub-committee
Registered members are required to attend the first meeting.

P.S. Bring your AUB friends even if they are not registered yet. They may fill a membership form during the meeting.

 On behalf of the whole team, I look forward to seeing you there.
— Mohammad Hijazi, President