Online Collaborative at Clubs’ Days

by Weam Al Awar
The first anniversary of AUB’s Online Collaborative arrived quicker than expected. Last year was a very busy year with a lot of events and workshops on schedule. The team’s hard work and continuous plans have paid of this year at Clubs’ Days.
Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th of October were Clubs’ Days at AUB. It is during those days that the clubs measure their success and popularity among the AUB community; so the team planned for the day by preparing a stand that contained a facebook wall available for new members to literally write on, and like posts of others on. Also, to gather the AUB tweeps (twitter users), which is an aim of the OC, a “twitter tree” was made and hung on the stand, where tweeps can write their handles on twitter birds and hang them on the tree.
The Online Collaborative members from last year were all dressed in the brand new OC shirts and registering the new members as they queued to sign up.
At the end of the event, you’d find the facebook wall with posts like: “Online Collaborative Rocks!!” or “I just joined” with likes beneath them, and the twitter tree full of blue birds carrying the handles of the new members.
Clubs’ Day expanded the OC family to more than an astonishing 60 members. It was proof of the Online Collaborative’s success and popularity among the AUB community, and a challenge for the group to increase the quality and quantity of its events to effectively meet with the huge potential of the new enthusiastic members.

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