AUB's Online Collaborative Announces Committee Officers

by Weam Alawar

After its first General Assembly, the AUBOC called for member applicants for officer positions to the club committees: Event Planning, Workshops, News Reporting, Funding and Sponsorship, Public Relations and Community Services. After cabinet members set up a set of guidelines for choosing the suitable people, interview sessions were scheduled on Wednesday October 19th. Candidates were informed to either attend the interviews or provide documents that convince the cabinet of their willingness to and competence in handling their positions, and the results of the votes of the cabinet determined this year’s AUBOC Officers:

Event Planning: Doaa Balfakih
Doaa Balfakih comes from Yemen all the way to Beirut in search of knowledge, education and experience. Being a business student in her senior year, she will unleash herself to the world at the end of this year hoping she’ll be able to make a difference. Her goal in life is the immortality of name through good deeds.
She believes that life is like a roller coaster with a lot of ups and downs; those who are happy are the ones who make the most of all the downs.
Entrepreneurs are the leaders who people should follow because they are the ones who see the light of darkness.
Twitter: @doaabal

Workshops: Dima Hajj
A senior marketing student at the American University of Beirut, completing her BA as well as a Media Communications Diploma, Dima has a passion for advertising and a keen interest in technology and social media. She enjoys occasionally playing football and basketball as well as parkour.
She spends her free time catching up on advertising blogs and tech news, along with volunteering at the Red Cross.
Twitter: @DimaHajj

News Reporting: Doa’a Abdel-Rahman
Doa’a Abdel-Rahman is a Sudanese senior political science undergrad pursuing a minor and diploma in media and communication. An amateur in many trades, Human Rights advocate, writer, traveller, salsa dancer, twitter fanatic and a social media believer. She hopes to combine the best of her worlds and pursue a career in the media relations.
Twitter: @d3akar

Funding and Sponsorship: Omar Aridi
Omar Aridi is an ambitious and hardworking person who describes himself as a dreamer yet realistic. Sports and music are his passion alongside his major (Civil and Environmental Engineering). Omar loves to socialize with people and communicate with new cultures, believing that it is a very efficient way to nourish one’s personality. He likes to be identified as an engineer/athlete. He’s pretty good at organizing and teamwork; however he loves leading projects as well. He's confident and creative, and always keeps himself busy. Sports taught him perseverance, so he believes nothing is impossible until one stops trying and he’s not a quitter.
Twitter: @Omar_Aridi

Public Relations: Hadi Inja
Hadi Inja is a senior business major at AUB with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. He refers to himself as a tech geek, and has a passion for animals. He currently has a parrot companion named Leonidas, his cat Biskit, and his Kestrel falcon called Ariana, but his past pets have included tarantulas, snakes, crocodiles, rats, and many more. Hadi enjoys public speaking and is in love with astronomy. He’s the type of guy that stares up at the night sky while walking home alone. As a tech geek, he is always in tune with technology news and the latest innovations. He loves Japanese as well, and taught himself to the point of a basic speaker. He is very involved and active in clubs at AUB, and is a big proponent of social media. He is the President of the Business Student Society, Vice President of the International Affairs Club, and the Public Relations Officer of the AUB Online Collaborative.
Twitter: @hadiinja

Community Services: Aline Chirinian
Stumbled upon the wonderful world of Social Media a couple of years ago and has been an addict ever since. Aline runs one of Lebanon's first personal fashion blogs, Nouchaline, along with being a regular contributor to the blog. She is currently studying Business Administration - with an emphasis in Marketing, and a diploma in Media Communication- at AUB where she's the president of the UNESCO Club and an AUBOC officer of Community Services. 
Twitter: @nouchaline