AUBOC announces events, treasurer and new officers for Spring 2012

Online Collaborative first general assembly of the spring semester 2012  was held on the Thursday, 23 February, 2012  by our recently appointed new club president Loulwa Kalache.  It was attended by old members along with new members.

Various new projects were announced to be part of the clubs activities ranging from; senior citizen introductory classes on computer literacy and social media; two introductory classes in social media to be held for AUB students during the semester; along with other events soon to be announced at a later date. In addition, members discussed with the cabinet  SMCL conference's  weakness and strengths as a feedback to improve any future conferences

In addition, OC’s announced it’s newest member of cabinet, Omar Aridi as treasure. He expressed his joy for being selected and said he is fully commitment to the club and looks forward to contributing to OC positively. The public relation and sponsorship officer, formerly held by Aridi, is Ali El-Dali. El-Dali will be working with Doa'a Abdel-Rahman, the News reporting officer, as the committee. OC’s would also like to welcome it’s last officer, part of the event planning and workshops committee, Jana Hussein, who will be working with Doaa Balfakih.  

Read more on OC's new officers and treasurer below:

Cabinet treasurer: Omar Aridi

Omar Aridi is an ambitious and hardworking person who describes himself as a dreamer yet realistic. Sports and music are his passion alongside his major (Civil and Environmental Engineering). Omar loves to socialize with people and communicate with new cultures, believing that it is a very efficient way to nourish one’s personality. He likes to be identified as an engineer/athlete. He’s pretty good at organizing and teamwork; however he loves leading projects as well. He's confident and creative, and always keeps himself busy. Sports taught him perseverance, so he believes nothing is impossible until one stops trying and he’s not a quitter. Twitter: @Omar_Aridi

Public relation and sponsorship officer: Ali El Dali

Ali El Dali hails from Venezuela. The son of Lebanese immigrants returned to experience life in his country of origin. He is a Business major in his Sophomore year and is exploring outlets that he believes will make a difference in the future. Informed decisions are always the right ones. In between his interests as a traveler, photographer and avid music and sports lover, Ali blogs about his life in both Spanish and English. His aim is to infuse colleagues with excitement about social media. Entering the social media scene in 2007 through Facebook and then getting hooked on Twitter, a large part of his life translates to connecting with people. Ali believes life is too short, so he takes advantages of the opportunities that arise. Make sure to follow his digital footprints. Twitter @AliElDali

Event planning and workshops officer: Jana El Husseini

My name is Jana El Husseini. I'm twenty-one year old senior sociology student, also pursuing pre-med at the American University of Beirut. Yes, apparently it is possible. My interests range from communication, art, aesthetics and society, to health and medicine.I've always enjoyed writing, but kept my collection of random thoughts to myself. My friend Lana encouraged me to post my texts and thoughts on a blog.  Making that transition has helped me discover a whole new online world that I wasn't aware of. OC was of particular interest to me, since it is not just a melting pot for people with similar interests in social media; Most importantly, it acts as an open platform on which one can work on promoting virtual   citizenship and opportunities. I'm very happy and excited about my new position in AUB's OC and I hope that with hard work and constructive collaboration this semester will prove to be a success!  Twitter: @janahuss

Stay tuned to more news on upcoming events and don’t forget to connect with us on Linkedin (AUBChapter).  

First General Assembly at AUB for the Spring Semester 11-12

Dear Online Collaborators,

The first General Assembly (GA) of the Spring term will take place next Thursday, February 23,2012 at 6:30p.m in West Hall Auditorium B.

In the meeting, we will :
  1.  discuss major changes in the cabinet, officers and the subcommittees.
  2.  brainstorm for upcoming events for the Spring Semester
  3.  announce the launch of the Online Collaborative NGO in Lebanon 
  4.  vote for the vacant treasurer position.
Due to this vacant position, if you are a voting member and interested in joining the AUB's OC cabinet as Treasurer, e-mail us at , before Tuesday February 21, 2012, inclusive.The nominees will be announced next Wednesday and voting will take place during the GA.

Registered members are required to attend this meeting.

Bring your ideas & AUB friends with you.
As non-members they are most welcome and encouraged to attend. Interested students will fill their membership forms during the GA.

Warm Regards,
Loulwa Kalache
President, AUB 's Online Collaborative

Announcing the national Online Collaborative NGO

After the great success of Online Collaborative at AUB, we decided to extend the work of Online Collaborative to reach the whole Lebanese community.

The mission of the national Online Collaborative NGO is to spread social media awareness and proper digital citizenship throughout the Lebanese community. Some of our objectives include supporting and encouraging bloggers and users of social media and advocating for their right of freedom of speech, promoting the proper usage of social media tools among the Lebanese community given their current popularity and importance, gathering bloggers and users of social media under one organization in order to facilitate the creation of common activities and interests, and encouraging people to start their own blogs and help them get started by acquainting them with the technical and cultural aspects of social media.

The board of the NGO has been recently formed and includes (in alphabetical order of surname):

The Organization is still in its initiation phase and should start its work very soon!

(L-R) Mr. Kamel, Ms. Zarif, HMA Fletcher, Mr. Hijazi, Ms. Abu Khadra, Ms. Hajjar, Mrs. Hanna, Ms. Kalache

If you are creative, hard-working and innovative, and interested in technology and social media, then Online Collaborative is the place for you to enrich your experience and build your network.

We are currently looking for two different types of volunteers:
  • Members for the NGO of various roles and positions (graphic designers, developers, marketers, etc...)
  • Local representatives to create chapters of Online Collaborative in universities and schools.
If you would like to become a member of the NGO or head a club/society at your university or school in Lebanon, kindly send us an email at Do not hesitate to contact us also if you would like more information or have any suggestions.

Letter from the founder: New President for AUB's Online Collaborative

It is bitter-sweet that after 18 months of success and great memories with a wonderful team, I will no longer be the president of AUB's Online Collaborative since I am graduating from AUB. But I rest assured that the club will be in good hands. Effective February 13, Ms. Loulwa Kalache will be the new president of the AUB chapter.

Kalache, a great personal friend, is a Master's student in Food Technology at AUB and a prominent food blogger. Her first position in Online Collaborative was officer of the Event Planning sub-committee in 2010. In 2011, she was promoted to a cabinet member (Member-at-large) for Spring 2011 then Treasurer for Summer and Fall 2011. Her immense contributions to the team made Blogging Lebanon, Social Media 101 and Social Media Changing Lives possible. Kalache has also played many leadership roles in several organizations at AUB and proved that she is capable of team leadership and professionalism.

I have great faith that the team will continue to become stronger and organize more impressive events in the future.

Hijazi and Kalache during Social Media Changing Lives conference
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who believed in me and Online Collaborative since its founding in 2010. It would not have been possible if it wasn't for our founding adviser Mrs. Dania Dbaibo Darwish who was a great source of encouragement and support, especially when complications arose. Not to forget our current adviser, Mrs. Leila Khauli Hanna, who took on the legacy and showed great commitment to the team which made the club prosper.

I would also like to thank the founding cabinet for being on board and making this happen: Joseph, Jim, Sherif, Gino, as well as the new members to this year's cabinet Raghd, Malek and Weam. A special thank you also goes to Youmna whose efforts made the Social Media Changing Lives conference possible. A humongous thank you to every member of the team, every guest speaker, panelist, performer, attendee and friend who supported us all the way.

Online Collaborative is by far the highlight of my university experience and for me, it is truly "the best club and the best group of students on campus" as Mrs. Hanna usually says. This team of dedicated, creative and hard-working students is really the team to be in, especially in our fast-paced era.

AUB's Online Collaborative did not only introduce me to great people and enrich my experience, but also provide me with great opportunities. I am proud to announce that my role in Online Collaborative is not over. I may be leaving the AUB chapter, but I will be heading a newly-established national NGO which will impact the Lebanese society as a whole (more information in a later post).

Looking forward to a new chapter and more success!

Mohammad Hijazi
Founder, AUB's Online Collaborative
President, National Online Collaborative