Announcing the national Online Collaborative NGO

After the great success of Online Collaborative at AUB, we decided to extend the work of Online Collaborative to reach the whole Lebanese community.

The mission of the national Online Collaborative NGO is to spread social media awareness and proper digital citizenship throughout the Lebanese community. Some of our objectives include supporting and encouraging bloggers and users of social media and advocating for their right of freedom of speech, promoting the proper usage of social media tools among the Lebanese community given their current popularity and importance, gathering bloggers and users of social media under one organization in order to facilitate the creation of common activities and interests, and encouraging people to start their own blogs and help them get started by acquainting them with the technical and cultural aspects of social media.

The board of the NGO has been recently formed and includes (in alphabetical order of surname):

The Organization is still in its initiation phase and should start its work very soon!

(L-R) Mr. Kamel, Ms. Zarif, HMA Fletcher, Mr. Hijazi, Ms. Abu Khadra, Ms. Hajjar, Mrs. Hanna, Ms. Kalache

If you are creative, hard-working and innovative, and interested in technology and social media, then Online Collaborative is the place for you to enrich your experience and build your network.

We are currently looking for two different types of volunteers:
  • Members for the NGO of various roles and positions (graphic designers, developers, marketers, etc...)
  • Local representatives to create chapters of Online Collaborative in universities and schools.
If you would like to become a member of the NGO or head a club/society at your university or school in Lebanon, kindly send us an email at Do not hesitate to contact us also if you would like more information or have any suggestions.