AUBOC Course Offering for Seniors (Fall 2012)

In partnership with the University for Seniors at AUB and after the success of last year's Introduction of Social Media course for seniors (and the impressive mention on Mashable), we would like to announce that we will be offering two new courses for the elderly this coming fall.

Computer Literacy for Seniors (CMPL 001)
This is a basic introductory course to computers and technology for people who do not have any knowledge about operating a computer. Course material will cover an introduction to personal computing, hardware, software, operating system tools and Windows applications, word processing, web browsing and email.
Dates: October 18, 25 – November: 1, 8, 29 – December 6
Time: 5:00 - 7:00pm
Location: AUB, Jafet e-classroom except for the 1st session (October 18) that will be held at REP classroom 408
Capacity: 15 students
Course Instructor: Ayman Jalloul
Course Supervisor: Mohammad Hijazi

Introduction to Social Media for Seniors (CMPL 002)

This is a more advanced course for people who want to learn about social media and social networking sites. The material will emphasize the proper usage of social media and a discussion on the importance and drawbacks of such tools on society. The course will cover a basic introduction of how society is utilizing social media, using Facebook and Twitter, searching for and creating blogs and a brief overview of other emerging social networks.
Prerequisites: CMPL 001 or basic computer literacy.
Dates: October 17, 24, 31 – November: 7, 14, 21
Time: 4:00 - 5:45pm
Location: AUB, Jafet e-classroom except for the 1st session (October 17) that will be held at REP classroom 408
Capacity: 12 students

Course Instructor: Weam El-Awar
Course Supervisor: Darine Sabbagh

To register yourself, your parent or grandparent for either courses, kindly send us an email at 
Minimum age of students: 50 years old.

Photo from the introductory session of CMPL 002 from Spring 2012.

Announcing new cabinet of AUB Chapter

Online Collaborative is proud to present to you the new cabinet for its chapter at the American University of Beirut for the next academic year. If you like to join out AUB chapter and become a member or even an officer of this great team, send us an email at!

President: Weam El-Awar
Having been part of the very first founding team of AUB’s Online Collaborative, Weam El-Awar is one of the oldest members currently on board. He has since evolved through AUBOC’s multiple feats. During the coming year, he intends to add to those achievements as a sign of gratitude to the journey’s experiences.

Currently a senior Civil and Environmental Engineering student, a lover of Photography and the Editor-in-Chief of the Civil News student newsletter, Weam believes firmly in the investment in and development of oneself, and consequently, of the community. @weam_al

Vice President: Omar Aridi
Omar Aridi is an ambitious and hardworking person who describes himself as a dreamer yet realistic. Sports and music are his passion alongside his major (Civil and Environmental Engineering). Omar loves to socialize with people and communicate with new cultures, believing that it is a very efficient way to nourish one’s personality. He likes to be identified as an engineer/athlete. He’s pretty good at organizing and teamwork; however he loves leading projects as well. He's confident and creative, and always keeps himself busy. Sports taught him perseverance, so he believes nothing is impossible until one stops trying and he’s not a quitter. Twitter: @Omar_Aridi

Secretary: Nour Rifai 
Nour Rifai is a junior agribusiness student at the American University of Beirut. Passionate about music and social media, she enjoys sharing and discovering new musical talents on the internet. She occasionally blogs on aiming to share her vision of the world. Always seeking simplicity and efficiency, Nour sees social media as a tool that will bring pragmatic solutions to the world. She regularly practices swimming and yoga and refers to herself as a tweetaholic as well as an instagramophile! Twitter: @NourRifai

Treasurer: Ayman Jalloul
Currently finishing his bachelor’s degree in Architecture along with a minor is Arts History, Ayman has a strong passion to anything related to art and design, with a special interest in their social and cultural impact. His other interests include writing, food, technology and jogging. Ayman joined the AUB’s Online Collaborative because of his fascination with the effect social media has had on us and hopes that through AUBOC, he will be able to explore further the potential social media holds. Twitter handle: @amnjay

Public Relations: Ali El Dali
Ali El Dali hails from Venezuela. The son of Lebanese immigrants returned to experience life in his country of origin. He is a Business major in his Sophomore year and is exploring outlets that he believes will make a difference in the future. Informed decisions are always the right ones. In between his interests as a traveler, photographer and avid music and sports lover, Ali blogs about his life in both Spanish and English. His aim is to infuse colleagues with excitement about social media. Entering the social media scene in 2007 through Facebook and then getting hooked on Twitter, a large part of his life translates to connecting with people. Ali believes life is too short, so he takes advantages of the opportunities that arise. Make sure to follow his digital footprints. Twitter @AliElDali

Member at Large: Raghd Hamzeh
Self-proclaimed geek. In love with everything related to Google, Android, Ubuntu or TED. Open Source and Web advocate. Tech and Gadget addict. Avid reader! Twitter: @r_hamzeh