Welcome to AUBOC 2012-2013!

A new academic year has just kicked off. Fresh faces and huge potential enters AUB to discover the constant buzz within. This week, the hype was all about Clubs’ Days.

Student clubs and societies of all sorts set up their stands with all sorts of flashy banners and pamphlets in front of West Hall. The year’s prospective success is first assessed on those days, as the continuity of each club is on the line.

New members signing up at the AUBOC stand
Yet it is about the nature of the clubs that primarily determines their continuity; and perhaps this is what sets AUB’s Online Collaborative apart from most of the student clubs currently available on campus.

The AUBOC is one of the few clubs that group students based on interest. Throughout the past couple of years, AUBOC has proved to be a continuously thriving team that has established trust with the AUB community in general, and with its members in specific.

Students from all sorts of majors have interest in Social Media. They are realizing, day after day, that Social Media is not “the next big thing anymore,” but actually “the current big thing.” The time of Social Media is now, and it is this that drives the AUB population to engage in this common interest.

Students inquiring and registering

Therefore, AUB’s Online Collaborative is proud to welcome more than 60 new members this year on board:

You have made the right choice by choosing to join one of the most active student clubs on campus; and your journey here has a huge potential of reward. You have already started tapping that potential on Clubs’ Days, and the rest will continue to unfold with our common efforts.

So thank you all for your interest in AUB’s Online Collaborative. We promise you that your journey here will elevate your AUB experience to a totally different paradigm.

The AUBOC twamily tree