AUBOC Announces Committee Officers for 2012-2013

After the First General Assembly, members of AUB's Online Collaborative interested in becoming Officers of the club's committees were called for interviews. Those committees are as follows: Community Service, Event Planning/Workshops, Management/HR, Marketing/PR, and News Reporting. Interviewees presented their credentials and specified the committee they would like to become Officers of. The cabinet then selected the Officers based on criteria developed prior to the interviews. The results are as follows:

 Community Service: Hani Farah

Hani Farah is a Biology senior student with a passion for both science and technology and everything they have to offer. With just over 3 years of experience with the AUB Red Cross, he loves giving back to the community and believes the AUBOC has great potential to have an enormous positive impact on the society we live in. Hani can be found on almost every single social media platform but mainly on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Follow him on Twitter @han1farah and stay up to date with his blog:

Event Planning/Workshops: Aline Chirinian

One of the first members of AUB's Online Collaborative, Aline stumbled upon the wonderful world of Social Media a couple of years ago and has been an addict ever since. She runs one of Lebanon's first personal fashion blogs, Nouchaline, where she shares her slight obsession with shoes and nail polish with the world. She is currently in her senior year at AUB studying Business Administration - with an emphasis in Marketing, and a diploma in Media Communication. Twitter: @Nouchaline

Management/HR: Alfred Naayem

Alfred Naayem, yet another AUB freshman, is a tech enthusiast with great experience as a web developer and security specialist. When he's not geeking around the web, he enjoys scuba diving, cooking, sampling the world's finest cuisine, and, most importantly, long walks on the beach. His recent involvement with AUB's Online Collaborative is due to his admiration for the power of social media in marketing and public outreach. Twitter: @pulpish

Marketing/PR: Michelle Jo Daou

After a long journey of transferring majors, Michelle Jo Daou finally found her passion in Public Administration and Public Policy. She hopes to be able to make a change somewhere in the world someday. She loves going out and meeting people, but at the same time, she equally loves staying at home in front of her computer. Michelle is extremely persistent and very opinionated, and will do the impossible to achieve her goals. She believes that hard work pays off. Twitter: @michelledaou

News Reporting: George Zakhour

George Zakhour is a self-proclaimed geek. He’s a hardcore programmer and is passionate about math, which is why he chose Computer Science as his major. His philosophy in the virtual world is Open Source, that is why he started his blog where he shares his experiences, thoughts, pet programs’ documentation, and sometimes his rage. He uses many social networks such as Facebook, Twitter (@AlloGeorge), Vimeo, GithubGeeklist,  and many more. He designed and developed his own website and many other social applications. George dreams about changing the virtual experience and making the new Facebook. That is what interests him in social media and what got him to Online Collaborative.