Computer Literacy for Seniors

Now that everything is digitized. almost all of us own a laptop or any other smart device that could organize our day to day work. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find someone not present on Whatsapp or any other social media platform. That makes us wonder about the ones who were not caught in this global phenomenon and were born before this digital revolution. Is it too late for them to cope and go with the flow? Lebanese families usually have at least one relative living abroad and we all know grandparents have to make sure their children are having good meals every day. The answer? The simplest and most common software; Skype! But to use Skype, first seniors should learn how to use its basic processor; the computer.

This is how the Online Collaborative crew of the American University of Beirut in cooperation with University for Seniors has designed this “Computer Literacy for Beginners” course that tackles the basics of the computer. 

The seniors showed a lot of enthusiasm and were very interested at the first lecture. Some introduced themselves and introduced their interest in that course saying those exact words; “I came to this course because I know nothing about the computer, and my grandchildren use the computer very well so I want to be up to date as well”, or “My children live abroad and I want to learn how to use the computer so I could be able to talk to them.” 

Ayman Jalloul, Treasurer of AUB’s Online Collaborative and instructor of the Computer Literacy course, was very excited for his first lecture as well. He was well prepared, and the class interacted with him pretty well. 

They asked a lot of question and that is what made the class more vibrant. The course is made up of 6 sessions; they are condensed and straight to the point. And remember; it is never too late! Better later than never.

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