#Digiconflb Tweetup: Where Online Collaboration meets Diplomacy

The British Embassy in Lebanon along with the Online Collaborative had the pleasure to host a dinner tweet-up in honor of the 30 delegates of British Embassies from all across the Middle East & North Africa region this Wednesday, October fifth.

The dinner took place at Amarres in Zaitunay Bay. The British Ambassador to Lebanon HMA Tom Fletcher, the delegates, media figures, a group of influential tweeps in Lebanon and distinguished members of Online Collaborative enjoyed the delicious food sponsored by Amarres Bistro & Cafe Fran├žaisAttending delegates from Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Jerusalem, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, SyriaTunisia, and the U.A.E., found the tweetup an opportunity to collaborate with each other, and with the Online Collaborative teams. 

Prior to having dinner, the British Ambassador to Lebanon HMA Tom Fletcher gave a brief speech about how important social media is becoming, especially in this area of the world. He stressed on the idea that the current generation holds the key to a brighter future as it initiates the change. In addition to that, he also encouraged all attendees or “tweeplomats” as he called them, to network and collaborate, as there is a lot to learn from everyone. 

Furthermore, Weam Alawar, the president of AUB's Online Collaborative, presented the AUB OC cabinet members to the attendees. Everyone then enjoyed a wonderful meal thanks to our good friends and hosts at The Alleyway Group!

It is at the core of values of the Online Collaborative to elevate effective usage of Social Media, especially when it comes to diplomacy.

Check out the photos on Online Collaborative's and Amarres's facebook pages.

AUB's Online Collaborative Cabinet Members:
(L-R): Raghd Hamzeh, Ayman Jalloul, Mohammad Hijazi, Nour Rifaï, Weam El-Awar, HMA Tom Fletcher, Omar Z. Aridi and Ali El Dali

Board members of the Online Collaborative NGO:
(L-R) Ziad Kamel, Youssef Alam, Mohammad Hijazi, Darine Sabbagh, Walid Khalife, HMA Tom Fletcher, Garen Yepremian, Yasmine Hajjar, Weam El-Awar and Joseph Maalouf

HMA Tom Fletcher during his speech