First General Assembly 2012 - 2013

On Tuesday October 9th 2012 AUB’sOnline Collaborative held their First General Assembly of the academic year 2012-2013. The cabinet of AUB’s Online Collaborative welcomed the members that filled the auditorium. Weam El-Awar, President of AUBOC started introducing the cabinet: Omar Aridi (Vice-president), Ayman Jalloul (Treasurer), Ali El Dali (Public Relations) and Nour Rifai (Secretary). He then introduced the club advisor Dr. Leila Khauli Hanna, Mohammad Hijazi the founder of AUBOC and Chief Collaborator of the Online Collaborative NGO, and the board of the NGO.

Shot by @JimRamK: @weam_al introducing @AUBOC

After that small introduction, members introduced themselves and briefly stated the reason that made them join the club. They also explained what “Social Media” meant according to them. After that, Weam gave a more specific definition and giving examples of Social Media platforms. He continued by stating the goals and missions of AUBOC. These goals were clarified by a timeline showing AUBOC’s previous and future events.

For organizational purposes, members are divided into five sub-committees; each sub-committee is supervised by a member of the cabinet and has an officer. These five sub-committees were introduced during the meeting and members the sub-committees they want to be in. Also, they were nominated themselves as officers to a certain sub-committee of their choice. Interviews for officers are to be held on Tuesday October 15th.

As social media addicts, the members and the cabinet didn’t forget to live-tweet the General Assembly using the hash tag #AUBOC! It was a great start of the new academic year, as there only remain a few steps before great events start commencing. 

Below are the slides from the assembly.