Introduction to Social Media for Seniors

On Wednesdays from 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm, the Online Collaborative offers a "Social Media for Beginners" course for seniors enrolled in University for Seniors. After last week's introductory session, this Wednesday’s session kicked off with Weam Al Awar (president of AUB's Online Collaborative) summarizing a bit what the seniors have learned the week before, and then he introduced the topic of the day: Learning how to use Facebook.

A conversation then broke-in after a senior commented on the rapid growth of technology: comparing the computer she used to work on back in the 70s to a Pepsi fridge. Now, everything is tiny, super fast and easy. This led to a small talk about Moore’s law and then each senior was dismissed to a computer waiting eagerly to learn how to use Facebook.

The seniors were all excited and had their happy and child-like face on while either seeing their first glimpse of Facebook, or just checking their usual news feed eager to learn more about all the buttons and pictures out there. The Online Collaborative team and the seniors were not alone, Al Hurra TV was following the seniors and joined us to film a documentary about UfS.

Al Hurra documenting

Weam explained to them what the news feed in Facebook is; your very own street filled with your friend’s “shops” and your own too. He explained what the “like”, “comment” and “share” buttons are and what they mean, and finally what the timeline is.

Each student had one assignment to do during class: tell the world (or themselves) what’s on their minds. At the end of the day, their friend request list was full and so was their notification. Each friended the other and each liked the “assignment” of the other, some even commented on them welcoming them to Facebook.