Video: Overview of University for Seniors Courses

In partnership with the University for Seniors at AUB and after the success of last year's Introduction of Social Media course for seniors (and the impressive mention on Mashable), AUB's Online Collaborative is offering two courses for the Fall of 2012-13 for senior citizens (age 50 and above).

Computer Literacy for Seniors (CMPL 001)
This is a basic introductory course to computers and technology for people who do not have any knowledge about operating a computer. Course material will cover an introduction to personal computing, hardware, software, operating system tools and Windows applications, word processing, web browsing and email. 

Introduction to Social Media for Seniors (CMPL 002)
This is a more advanced course for people who want to learn about social media and social networking sites. The material will emphasize the proper usage of social media and a discussion on the importance and drawbacks of such tools on society. The course will cover a basic introduction of how society is utilizing social media, using Facebook and Twitter, searching for and creating blogs and a brief overview of other emerging social networks.

Filmed and edited by: Mohammad Hijazi using a Galaxy Tab